Since 1990 TOGIE has been selecting the best seafood producers to meet the demand of its customers and it is also committed to finding products with a very high quality standard.

The continuous demand from its customers has enabled TOGIE to position itself as the leader of the European market with producers located on all the French and European coasts:

Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Netherlands

The cold chain distribution and the logistic management from the producer to the distributor enables TOGIE to guarantee the best fish freshness.

The quality controls carried out on the production areas ensure our customers on quality over time.

Our customers are wholesalers, supermarkets and distributors all over the world.

Our company was born in the 90s when the founder Antonio Leone realized that the Italian market appreciated some oysters that the French were unable to dispose of: "Les Grosses". These large caliber oysters were then very little consumed in France, while in Italy they were in great demand.

So thanks to his intuition as a young businessman, he began to ship high quality products to the Italian market, and his customers quickly appreciated.

This is how TOGIE built its success on the European market and began to establish itself, year after year, among its competitors.

By now Togie counts 20 employees and more than 50 affiliated partners on all European coasts.